Manchester United has replaced Christian Eriksen in preparation for Frenkie de Jong’s failure to recruit.

Manchester United has replaced Christian Eriksen in preparation for Frenkie de Jong’s failure to recruit.

This summer is the most important time for Manchester United. Manchester United has been in a slump for about a decade since Sir Alex Ferguson left. In the meantime, outstanding coaches such as Luis van Gaal and Jose Mourinho have been there, but the finish was pointing fingers, not applause 먹튀검증.

It was the same last season. Manchester United recruited Cristiano Ronaldo, Jadon Sancho and Rafael Varane before the opening. Fans expressed expectations, saying that the opportunity to rebuild a famous family has finally come. But the reality was different. The recruiters failed to pay due to injuries and sluggishness, and Ronaldo became the center of internal division. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was replaced on the way, and temporary manager Ralf Rangnick also failed to correct the team. In the end, Manchester United finished the season in sixth place in the league with ‘no spectators’.

I started to act early. Manchester United picked the next coach even before the end of the season. The main character is Ajax director Eric Ten Haar. He led Ajax to prove his leadership and ability to find promising players. The leaders of Manchester United valued this ability highly. Ten Haar also prepared for the next season by planning for the future early and drawing up recruitment lists.

As the system changes, the departure of existing resources is inevitable. It has already announced its breakup with a number of players, including Paul Pogba and Nemanja Matic. In addition, there are some candidates for sale such as Aaron Wan-Bissaka and Phil Jones. At the same time, there were candidates for recruitment. Most of them are players who have a lot of experience with head coach Tenhach, and Barcelona’s The Dragon is being connected the most.

The Dragon is the heart of Barcelona. When he was in Ajax, he received public attention by leading the team to the semifinals of the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) Champions League (UCL) and headed for the big leagues. The biggest advantages were his vigorous activity, ability to coordinate games, and versatility to play as a center back. Recently, however, rumors of a transfer have surfaced. Barcelona’s financial problems were the cause.

Naturally, big clubs have been paying keen attention, and Manchester United is taking the most active move. Local people are setting a higher possibility of becoming more naked as the days go by. But I can’t be sure. Because I don’t want more Yong to transfer. Head coach Xavi Hernandez is also in favor of the dragon’s stay.

For Manchester United, which has a long way to go, it cannot take a player a long time. This is because we have to build a squad and work together before entering the pre-season. In response, head coach Tenhach is looking for alternatives in case The Dragon fails to recruit him. In the meantime, Eriksen entered the radar. The British media Daily Mail reported, “Ten Hag is a big fan of Eriksen. He is considering turning to Eriksen if he fails to recruit more dragons.”

Eriksen, the “miracle hero,” returned to active duty in January after undergoing surgery to insert an artificial defibrillator into his heart. The stage was the English Premier League (EPL). Eriksen, who played half a season for Brentford, showed off his robustness with one goal and four assists in 11 league games. In response, a number of clubs, including his “home team” Tottenham Hotspur, are watching him.

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